Gerhard Heinrich gheinrich at
Wed Dec 8 18:14:50 EST 1999

To all zebrafish researchers:

The International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience is 
planning a special issue dedicated to zebrafish nervous system 
development. The Zebrafish Issue will contain original research 
articles and up to three reviews related to the major research topics 
represented in the Special Issue. The guest editor for the Zebrafish 
Issue will be Gerhard Heinrich.

All original research articles will be critically and rapidly reviewed
within 1 month if submitted in hard-copy and within 2 weeks if 
submitted electronically. 

Publication time will be less than 4 months. 

The charges for color will be only $300 per page. A color picture 
from one of the articles will be selected for the Special Issue cover.

Articles should be submitted according to the Instructions for 
Authors published in each issue of the Journal or at the Elsevier 
website www.elsevier.comto:

Gerhard Heinrich MD
Department of Medicine
VA Northern California Health Care System
150 Muir Road
Martinez, CA 94553
gheinrich at

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