Custom Glass Aquariums

bobby rsimmons at
Thu Feb 18 11:08:33 EST 1999

Monacos Custom Glass Aquariums Page: Unusual Custom Designed Glass Aquariums
Contact Monacos at (803)279-7474
  We specialize in custom glass aquariums and terrariums. Any shape. We have
been building glass aquariums longer than most mass-manufacturers. Many
geometric and complex shapes available. Our aquariums are a work of art as

  Our store is located at 727 East Buena Vista Avenue in North Augusta, SC.

  The location for the best Angelfish.

  Ask about our Fish Keeping Education or Aquarium Building Class:

  We have special deals on many used 10, 20, and 40 gallon aquariums. These
aquariums have been used for raising fish for wholesale purposes and would
be ideal for another wholesaler or breeder. Call for questions!

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