PCR labeled probes

Kerry Fulcher kfulcher at ptloma.edu
Fri Jul 23 11:10:06 EST 1999

Does anyone out there generate radiolabeled probes via PCR.  I 
have done
this in the past to make probes for Northerns etc... but now seem 
to be
having troubles.  I was wondering if anyone has a protocol for doing 
that I can compare with so see where my problems could be 
coming from.

In the past I have simply added the 3 cold dNTPs in at typical 
levels and
added 5 ul of P32 dCTP and cycled away.  This used to generate 
nice probes
with high specific activity.... but lately I am not getting very good
incorportation (even though the non-radioactive controls have nice
 Any suggestions?


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