estimation of LC50 value

Pat Edwards edwards at
Wed Mar 3 13:39:35 EST 1999

Last week, I posted a request for some journal reprints from Papiya Deb
of India who was having difficulties obtaining information for his/her
research.  I received the following message from Dr. Deb this morning.
If any of you can provide some help, it would be most appreciated.

Pat Edwards

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your mail and for the kind co-operation you have extended
to me. As regards to my queries that you have so kindly posted to the
researchers, I have already received one reply from a researcher in 
The Netherlands and am eagerly waiting for a few more as he has been 
able to locate only three of the necessary 15.

Presently I am in a dilemma as I require a fulproof method for
estimation of LC50 value for various toxic water soluble pollutants. I
had tried to locate the following paper

Litchfield, J, T. and Wilcoxon, F. (1949). A Simplified method for
evaluating dose   effect experiments. Journal of Pharmocology Exp. Ther.
96, pp. 99-113

I have also come to know that this LC50 evaluating method can be got

Woolf, C.M. Principles of biometry (D.Van Nostrand Co. Inc,          New
Jersey) 1968,  293

I could not get the papers as my University library does not have it.
Could you kindly help in this regard?

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