RNA Probe question

Jcpalmer5 at aol.com Jcpalmer5 at aol.com
Tue Mar 9 10:55:46 EST 1999


My name is Campbell Palmer from the Gristina Institute in Herndon, VA.
I have a question about RNA probes.  I am trying to jumpstart a
pathology project at our labs, and have talked to several Pathologists
and technicians about technique for what I am trying to do.  The best
possible outcome, if it exists, is to somehow develop a probe that is
specific to a protein sequence found only in Human polyclonal IgG,
distinguishing it from the Mouse polyclonal IgG.  Are any of you
familiar with any possible probes that might exist that can do this?  I
would appreciate any insight you may be able to give me into this.

Campbell Palmer

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