PhD student postitions

Claudia Stuermer Claudia.Stuermer at
Thu Mar 11 11:54:17 EST 1999

University of Konstanz
Department of Biology

Our interdisciplinary research unit offers positions for
PhD Students salaries acc. to the German BAT IIa/2 ( 45.000DM p.a.)

Claudia A.O. Stuermer, PhD. Developmental Neuroscience
Neuronal surface proteins and their function in axon growth and
navigation in zebrafish embryogenesis, goldfish visual system, tissue
culture assays, plasmamembrane microdomains

Helmut Plattner, PhD. Cell biology
Plasmamembrane microdomains structure/function, ultrastructural
analysis, immuno electron microscopy

Wolfram Welte, PhD. X-Ray crystallography
Structure of neuronal cell surface proteins

Ulrich Krawinkel, PhD. Biology of the Immune System
Signaling via plasmamembrane microdomains

Candidates please contact the respective scientist at
Department of Biology
University of Konstanz
D-78457 Konstanz

Email: claudia.stuermer at  Tel:xx49 (7531) 882236
Email: helmut.plattner at  Tel:xx49 (7531) 882228
Email: wolfram.welte at  Tel: xx49 (7531) 882206
Email: ulrich.krawinkel at  Tel: xx49 (7531) 882130

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