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Steve Johnson sjohnson at
Thu Mar 11 13:03:35 EST 1999

Dear Colleagues,

The WashU-MPIMG zebrafish Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) project is
progressing nicely, and has generated more than 10,000 zebrafish ESTs to
date.  We are currently adding about 700 EST sequences per week.  Thus,
there is a reasonable chance that some of the genes that you would like
a zebrafish homologue for are already identified in this
project, or  may become available in the coming months.

Zebrafish ESTs are submitted to the dbEST division of NCBI, and you
can search dbEST by a number of criteria, including BLAST.   We have
also put together a server in our lab at WashU that allows you to
search our local database for zebrafish ESTs by clone name of gene
similarities identified in BLAST searches.  In addition, we have a
simple interface that will allow you to browse through the
zebrafish-ESTs showing our similarity annotation (not available at
dbEST).  Zebrafish EST clones are available from Research Genetics,
Genome Systems or the RZPD (Berlin).  We invite you to visit our
server at: .  We welcome your advise on how
to improve the server.

Frank Li, Ph. D.
Informatics Coordinator
WashU Zebrafish Genome Resources


Stephen L. Johnson, Ph. D.
Asst. Professor
Dept. Genetics
Washington University Medical School.
4566 Scott Ave.
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Stephen L. Johnson, Ph. D.
Asst. Professor
Dept. Genetics, Box 8232
4566 Scott Ave
Washington University Medical School
St. Louis, MO 63110

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