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Donald Jackson jackson at
Thu Mar 18 17:41:30 EST 1999

Message from Don Jackson (Fishman Lab)

We would like to inform the community of major changes to our web
site for microsatellite markers.  We have added a 'searchable'
interface that allows users to access detailed information about
specific markers (including map position, clone and primer sequence
and genbank accession #s).  We have also updated the linkage group
sticks with dynamically generated image maps that allow users to
'zoom in' on specific regions of a linkage group and to directly
access information about the markers displayed there.  This site is
located at

Currently data from the 2000 marker map is available.  As new
markers are generated under the NIH Genomic Resources for the
Zebrafish RFA they will be added to the database supporting this new

We are still in the process of developing this site, and welcome
input and comments from the community regarding features that you
would find useful. Please email all feedback to:
zfhelp at

Don Jackson
Fishman Lab

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