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Fri Nov 5 14:34:37 EST 1999

Job description--An individual is sought who is qualified for 
appointment as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard 
Medical School and the Brigham and Women's Hospital who has 
expertise in Zebrafish Genetics and Developmental Biology.  They 
will be asked to set up a core facility for maintaining Zebrafish and 
carrying out mutational analysis and screening. They will also 
collaborate with existing faculty in the Division and the Department 
and be expected to develop an independent research program in 
any relevant area of  developmental biology or medicine.  Faculty 
within the Division have a particular interest in 
thrombocyte/megakaryocyte development and are studying the 
commitment of early progenitors to the thrombocyte lineage.  The 
applicant selected should have demonstrated outstanding scientific 
skills and have the interest and potential to develop an independent 
scientific program.  

Resources—the individual will receive an initial appointment as 
Assistant Professor of Medicine and will have no clinical 
responsibilities or attending duties.  They will receive funds to equip 
their personal laboratory as well as the core facility as well as 
guaranteed salary and laboratory operating funds for three years. 
During this period of guaranteed support it is expected that the 
faculty member will write for and obtain independent funding to 
support his/her independent research program.  Ongoing support 
will be available indefinitely for the core facility and an appropriate 
portion of the individuals personal salary.   

Robert I. Handin, MD
Executive Vice Chairman, Department of Medicine
Chief, Hematology Division, BWH
Professor of Medicine, HMS
Phone  617-732-5840
Fax  617-732-5706

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