In situ hybridization in zebrafish

Angela Manning a.manning at
Wed Nov 10 17:46:07 EST 1999

Hi, I normally use NBT & BCIP (alkaline phosphatase) as my 
detection in zebrafish wholemount in situ hybridizations.  I've heard 
that TNBT and BCIP can give a much darker precipitate and so I've 
decided to use it instead of the NBT.  However, I want to make 
sure that it should be dissolved in 70% dimethylformamide as NBT 
is.  Can anyone confirm this for me?  Also if the solution must be 
warmed up etc.?  Thanks in advance,

Angela Manning       a.manning at
Dept of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB Canada
T6G 2H3

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