Ph.D. position available

Laure Bally-Cuif bally at
Fri Oct 22 09:56:27 EST 1999

 A Ph.D. student position is available from January 1st, 2000 in the
Zebrafish Neurogenetics Groups of the GSF-Research Center in 
Munich, Germany. 

 The project will focus on the functional analysis of new genes of the
orthodenticle and buttonhead families during patterning and
differentiation of the zebrafish anterior neural plate. The methods 
used will include transient ectopic expression and knock-out 
assays in wild-type and mutant fish embryos, as well as the 
production of transgenic lines for transplantation assays; these 
techniques are currently routinely used in the laboratory. Transient 
expression experiments in the chick embryonic neural plate can 
also be envisaged as complementary approaches.

 The GSF-Research Center possesses a newly built and high-
performance zebrafish facility, and hosts several strong 
developmental biology groups focussed on skeletal and brain 

  The candidate should have a genuine interest in developmental 
biology, and preferably a theoretical background in molecular 
and/or developmental biology. A CV should be addressed to:

Dr. Laure Bally-Cuif
GSF-Research Center
Institute of Mammalian Genetics
Ingolstödter Landstrasse 1
D.95764 Neuherberg/München. Germany
Tel. (49.89) 3187.2887
Fax. (49.89) 3187.3099
email: bally at

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