Utilities emergency and zebrafish housing

Linda Barthel barthel at umich.edu
Tue Sep 14 15:13:40 EST 1999

With our new self contained flow through system up and running
beautifully, and a second on the way I now have to rethink 
situations in the building, especially in the case of a power failure.  I
have contacted our animal care facility and brought to their 
attention the
possible serious consequences as a result of an extend power 
failure.  I
was wondering what other labs and facilities had in place to handle 
an emergency.  I will be meeting with the animal care supervisors 
building managers and it would really be useful to present 
examples of
other emergency plans. Thanks, Linda Barthel Res. Asso. II 
Department of
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4607 MS II barthel at umich.edu

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