Zebrafish reproductive anatomy

John Knowles j.f.knowles at clara.co.uk
Wed Sep 15 17:12:28 EST 1999

I'm carrying out some work comparing effects of low dose rate 
alpha and gamma radiation on reproductive performance of 
zebrafish.  There's loads of histological stuff on larval development 
etc but I can't find any good descriptions of adult fish ovary and 
testis histology.  I want to do some alpha-autoradiography to see 
where my isotope  (210-Po) is getting to, to let me get an 
assessment of dose rates to eggs and sperm line cells.  I'd also 
like to know if anyone has weight-age data for larval through to 
adult fish to help me on feeding rate of activity (Bq/g body wt). I 
know different strains may vary in age-weight relationship but any 
data would help. 

Also, do zebras have their full lifetime number of egg cells early on 
or do they have stem cells which divide to produce oogonia during 

Any information will be very gratefully  received. 
Thanks John

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