2000 Source Book available FREE for researchers

Joan Boyce jboyce at biosupplynet.com
Mon Apr 10 11:16:18 EST 2000

You can obtain a free copy of the 2000 Source Book (publication 
date May 10th), a comprehensive guide to bioresearch products, 
by filling in the request form at the BioSupplyNet site: 
http://www.biosupplynet.com. The Source Book provides up-to-date 
information about reagents, lab instrumentation, antibodies, 
custom services and supplies. 

The unique organization of the Source Book simplifies product 
searching and speeds the gathering of comparative information. 
The Source Book indexes products in 2650 categories, and 
provides up-to-date contact information, including many WWW and 
e-mail addresses, for 3900 suppliers. A special Lab Set-up Check 
List simplifies the process of putting together a new laboratory. 


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