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Thu Aug 3 11:13:13 EST 2000

Ph.D. Student and PostDoctoral positions
Brain patterning and Neurogenesis in the zebrafish embryo
Ph.D. student and postdoctoral positions are available in the 
Zebrafish Neurogenetics group of the Technical University, Munich, 
Germany, to study embryonic brain patterning and neurogenesis in 

Our main model system is the embryo of the zebrafish, Danio rerio, 
with the expertise to turn to the avian system when more 
appropriate. We primarily focus on the development of the zebrafish 
midhindbrain territory, with possible extensions to more anterior 
brain domains. Projects will include the functional analysis of new 
genes expressed within the presumptive midhindbrain, the 
establishment of new midhindbrain mutant lines, and analyses of 
the relationship between anterior endoderm and neural plate 
patterning. We routinely use nongenetic techniques such as RNA 
/ DNA injections into zebrafish embryos, lineage tracing and 
transplantations, and have expertise with genetic approaches 
including transgenesis, mutagenesis and molecular mapping.

The group is located at the GSFResearch Center in Munich / 
Neuherberg, which posseses a new and highly performant 
zebrafish facility as well as core facilities for high throughput 
molecular techniques. The GSFResearch Center hosts several 
other strong development biology groups focussing on brain or 
skeletal development.

The applicants should have a strong interest in developmental 
biology and / or neurogenesis. Previous experience with the 
zebrafish system is not required. Applicants should send a 
curriculum vitae by post or email to the address below. In addition, 
two reference letters should be provided by the postdoctoral 

Technical Assistant position

A technical assistant position is available in the same group, to 
study neural development using the zebrafish as a model system. 
Experience in biological techniques such as DNA isolation, probes 
synthesis or gene expression analyses would be appreciated. In 
addition, interest in working with the zebrafish system, interactive 
spirit and good knowledge of the English language are required. 
The initial contract will be limited to two years and can be extended 
up to five years. The salary will be according to the German Civil 
Service regulations.

Please send your curriculum vitae by post or email to the address 

Laure BallyCuif, Ph.D.
TUM junior group "Zebrafish Neurogenetics"
GSFResearch Center
Institute of Mammalian Genetics
Ingolstaedter Landstrasse 1
D.85764 Neuherberg, Germany
email: bally at

(For hygiene reasons, the applicant should not have pet fish at 

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