BrdU incorporation into adult tissues

Leo van der Ven l.vd.ven at
Thu Feb 10 16:49:48 EST 2000

The information you are looking for is probably provided in Regeneration of
skeletal muscle in two teleost fish: Sparus aurata and Brachydanio rerio,
Rowlerson-A; Radaelli-G; Mascarello-F; Veggetti-A,  Cell-Tissue-Res. 1997
Aug; 289(2): 311-22
good luck, Leo

Kerry Fulcher <kfulcher at> schreef in berichtnieuws
87n9nk$h8$1 at
> I am interested in using BrdU as a marker to track new cell births in
> non-neural tissues of the adult zebrafish.  I have seen a few reports
> of this where BrdU was simply put in the water.  I am interested in
> getting anyone's input on concentrations, length of exposure, and
> toxicity to the fish.  I would appreciate any information that you
> may have regarding this.
> Thanks,
> Kerry
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