zebra for toxicology

Alessandra Paolini apaolini at izs.it
Mon Jan 3 11:52:49 EST 2000

I have to ask people who use Zebra to determine water quality (ISO
Method 7346-1) some questions.

1) I would use, as test vessels, air-tight pails (Nalgene 
cat.no.71020140). They are not trasparent: do you think that it 
could interfere with the test? 
2) I have a small lab and at this moment I can't breed the zebra so I 
buy them each time in a pet shop. The method says "whenever 
there is a change of stock population, carry out a toxicity test 
using a reference chemical (potassium dichromate)" 
2.1 How can I spare this step? 
2.2 What is a reasonable result for this test ( I cant' compare with 
my previous results because I am a beginner) ?

Thanks a lot

Yours sincerely
Alessandra Paolini
Laboratorio di biologia marina e fluviale 
64025 Pineto - ITALY

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