Need Help!!!

teresa sutton tudor-t at
Tue Jan 4 10:47:43 EST 2000

Hi, My name is terry, Im having a big problem with water in my 40 
gallon fish tank "fresh water". It seems every time we clean it the 
tank gets a whitecloud to it that in about 2 to 3 days starts to turn 
green. We have cleaned it 5 times so far with the same results 
every time. I bought the tank new at Wall Mart and have asked 
them for help with my problems and every thing they say to do 
does not work. I have used... CLEAR..SALT ... everything on the 
store shelves, the wall of the tank dont have slime on it, it is just 
the water that changes from total cloudy to green, also we have 
county water.we thought it might be the sun so the tank is not near
any window.. the food used are TetraMin... We change and clean 
filters just about every other day nothing seems to help at all.. I 
sure would appreciate  any help you could offer.We have a light on 
the top of the tank but we turn it off at night for abot 9 hours..... 
Please all help would be appreciated!!!!

Thanks, Terry

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