Daniel, Kimberly kidaniel at
Thu Jan 20 19:19:22 EST 2000

I have recently started up a fish tank (about 2.5 months ago)....I 
had 3 Zebra Danios and some Cardinal and Neon Tetras (and 
guppies, and 3 frogs). One of the Danios is particularly aggressive 
and chased everyone else in the tank.  My tetras were so stressed 
that they were practically white.

I started another tank and moved the 3 Danios into it.  They seemed
OK.....but now the most aggressive one is chasing the smallest one
(constantly!) and the poor little guy is stressed to whiteness now 

What can I do here?  The guy at the pet store said to put a couple 
more Danios in the tank (just a 2.5 gallon, that would make 5 fish) 
so that the mean one would have more guys to chase.  Or should I 
try and put the one stressed fish in a tank by himself?  I don't know 
if putting him back in the tank with the neons, frogs, and guppies 
will work......don't want to stress out the neons again!

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

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