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Mon Jan 24 19:44:24 EST 2000

In an email last year I described the distribution exercise of the
AZ fry diet that my company ZM Ltd was doing with Tetra. The 
problems associated with zebrafish fry feeding appeared to be 
global and an alternative to culturing and harvesting paramecia 
appeared to be highly sought after. Tetra had developed the AZ diet 
for experimental purposes and a number of sample batches had 
previously been made available to a number of zebrafish facilities. 
Last year I posted over 150 samples to 11 different countries and 
the response by the zebrafish community was enthusiastic. 
Unfortunately Tetra has undergone new parent company 
management (Warner and Lambert) and confirmation was given 
before Christmas that the AZ diet would not enter production. In 
addition had the opportunity to distribute the diet had been given 
this would have been restricted to the UK - not much use really!

And now! - I am very pleased to announce the availability of an
alternative fry diet range marketed as ZM-100 (80-200 microns), ZM-
200 (150-300 microns), and ZM-300 (300-500 microns). This is a 
brand new diet with characteristics very similar to the Tetra AZ. In 
fact, due to a more defined particulate grading this diet will be less 
polluting than AZ which ranged from 0-160 microns meaning a fair 
proportion of the feed was left uneaten due to being too small. ZM-
200 is extremely attractive to use as it is a similar size to newly 
hatched brineshrimp and can be fed to larger fry and young adults, 
and the ZM-300 is particular suited for boosting the growth of semi-
mature fish and conditioning broodfish for spawning. Further details 
on these diets (composition, vitamins, comparison to other feeds) 
can be seen on our website of 
including details and costs of shipping. 

Best wishes!

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