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Pat Edwards edwards at
Thu Jun 1 11:51:54 EST 2000

Hello, David...

I am the moderator of the zebrafish research news group 
(bionet.organisms.zebrafish). Unfortunately, I have nothing to do 
with how long the posted messages stay in your browser. Most 
usually "disappear" once they have been read, but I believe you 
can change the settings of your news reader to retain them until 
they are deleted.  

You can find all of the past news group postings at on the Zebrafish Information
Server. They are all archived there.

I hope that this helps to answer your question. Maybe someone 
else will have more specific suggestions for you.  

Pat Edwards

David Mawdsley wrote:
> Why do messages disappear from this newsgroup so quickly?
> Why can=92t they hang around for longer so as to increase the
> chance of a reply? Who is doing the moderating?
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