zebrafish vendor info

Diana Stanton dstanton at scripps.edu
Thu Jun 1 14:24:15 EST 2000

I'm a laboratory animal veterinarian at the Scripps research institute 
in San Diego, CA. Our practitioner society is having a continuing 
education seminar this fall on emerging aquatic and semiterrestrial 
animal models and associated biomethodologies.  I'm looking for 
vendors who may have information or dollars to contribute as 
sponsors. Would anyone have suggestions for vendors of fish, 
frogs, and aquatic supplies that we could contact? Any help you 
can provide would be much appreciated. 

As the Zebrafish is fast becoming the genetic workhorse, I'd like to 
provide a quality program for my colleagues this fall, and your site 
seems to have lots of good stuff.  

Thanks for any help, Diana

Diana D. Stanton D.V.M.
The Scripps Research Institute
10550 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, California 92037
tel 858-784-2257

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