David Mawdsley david.mawdsley at ludwig.edu.au
Wed Jun 21 09:40:59 EST 2000

CIAO all!

has anyone out there measured apoptosis in a whole zebrafish 
embryo 24hpf -5days? or in tissue sections?

I am particularly interested in non-TUNEL methods as I specifically 
need to differentiate between necrosis and apoptosis.  I am familiar 
with annexin V & I know there are now specific Abs to caspase-
cleavage products etc. -has anyone tried these in the zebrafish?  

any protocols most welcome!

please email back to tanya.dejong at ludwig.edu.au


Ms.Tanya de Jong
Colon Molecular and Cell Biology (CMCB)
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
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Melbourne, Australia

Ph. 61 9341 3155
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