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A University of Konstanz funded Postdoctoral position is available 
starting October 1, 2000 in the labs of Dr. Gerrit Begemann and 
Prof. Axel Meyer at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and 
Zoology at the University of Konstanz in Germany.  

The projects may cover one of the following topics: o the functional 
characterisation of novel zebrafish T-box genes and their 
comparison in zebrafish and cichlid development. o the isolation of 
novel genes active in patterning of the zebrafish head mesoderm. o 
the genetic analysis of retinoic acid signalling in zebrafish and its 
evolutionary conservation during formation of the vertebrate head-
trunk boundary. We also consider applicants' own related projects 
in evolution and development ("Evo-Devo") or genomics of fishes.  

Experience with zebrafish as a model system would be beneficial, 
but is not essential. Candidates should have a strong interest in 
developmental and evolutionary biology and should be experienced 
in developmental biology and molecular techniques.  

Excellent facilities are available to study zebrafish development at 
the molecular and genetic level. The University of Konstanz and the 
Department of Biology are among the most highly ranked in 
Germany and provide a lively, and academically outstanding 
research environment. The charming town of Konstanz is located 
on Lake Constance one hour from Zurich, and is close to both 
Switzerland and France.  

Appointments are for up to 3 years with a salary according to 
German BAT2a salary scale (up to DM 6800 or about 

Informal inquiries can be addressed to Dr. Gerrit Begemann (e-
mail: gerrit.begemann at or Prof. Axel Meyer 
(axel.meyer at Further information on the Meyer-
lab can be obtained from our web page: www.evolutionsbiologie.uni-  

Applications in writing, including a full CV, publications, and three 
addresses and email addresses of references, should be sent to: 
Prof. Dr. Axel Meyer, Department of Biology, University of 
Konstanz, 78457 Konstanz, Germany

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