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Diane C. Slusarski diane-slusarski at uiowa.edu
Wed Mar 15 20:11:40 EST 2000

UPDATED announcement for the 
U.Iowa Spring Zebrafish Symposium.

New Insights into Vertebrate Development and Disease

The 1st Spring Zebrafish Symposium presented by the 

Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology and Biological Sciences 
of the University of Iowa 

on March 28, 2000.

>From 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM in the Braley Auditorium (Rm 01136), 
Pomerantz Family Pavilion, Dept of Opthamology & Visual 
Sciences, UIHC.

9:00       Registration/Refreshments

9:30       Dr. Igor Dawid (Acting Scientific Director, NICHD-NIH, 
Bethesda): "Establishing dorsoventral polarity in zebrafish 

10:30    Dr. Diane Slusarski (University of Iowa): "Using zebrafish to
elucidate the roles of Calcium and Wnt signals in early vertebrate

10:45    Dr. Michael Rebagliati (University of Iowa): "What the 
cyclops gene can tell us about congenital defects of the CNS and 

11:00    Dr. Didier Stainier (University of California, San Francisico):
"Heart and endoderm development in zebrafish"

12:00-1:00 Lunch Break

1:00       Dr. Sharon Amacher (Univ. of Calif., Berkeley): "Genetic 
analysis of mesodermal specification and segmentation in 

2:00       Dr. Anand Chandrasekhar (University of Missouri): 
"Studying CNS neuronal migration using zebrafish mutants"

2:15       Dr. Alex Sandra (University of Iowa): "Germ line 
development in the zebrafish"

2:30       Dr. Stephen Johnson (Washington Univ., St. Louis): "c-kit
dependent and independent mechanisms in development and 
maintenance of zebrafish melanocytes"

3:30-4:30 Reception

Please register online at http: 
//www.uiowa.edu/~anatomy/zebrafish/.  Updates and directions will 
also be posted at this site.
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