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Dear Brain Research Interactive User:

Announcement and Call for Papers:
Gene Expression Patterns - a new journal in the Brain Research 

The Editors of BRAIN RESEARCH and Elsevier Science are 
pleased to announce the launch of a new journal devoted to the 
rapid publication of high quality papers reporting novel patterns of 
expression of genes during development, maturity and aging of the 
central nervous system. Dr. Wayne Frankel of The Jackson 
Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME, USA, will act as Editor, and a 
specialized Editorial Board has been appointed to assist with the 
review of submissions.  

The review process will be very fast - facilitated through electronic 
submission and review on the WWW using SMARTWorks(TM). 
Accepted papers will be published online on the Brain Research 
Interactive website within 10 days of acceptance! (Print publication 
will follow in the next available issue of Gene Expression Patterns.) 
Note also that additional relevant electronic files containing data 
sets, QuickTime movies, etc., as well as links to relevant 
databases can be appended to the online version of the articles. All 
colour illustrations will be reproduced free of charge online as well 
as in the print journal.  

Accepted articles will enjoy high visibility, both in print and online: - 
as part of the Brain Research full-set subscription (print edition and 
online through ScienceDirect - freely accessible to all on the Brain 
Research Interactive (BRI) website - included in Neuroscion - 
included in the alerting service Contents Direct  

Further, a "Figure of the Month" selected from one of the published 
articles will be featured on the BRI website, along with the 
reference to the paper and a set of key words to allow easy 
retrieval by web search engines.  

The full Scope and Guidelines for Authors may be found on the web:

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