aquatic systems for Zebrafish

William L. Wade w-wade at
Tue May 2 10:15:59 EST 2000


We anticipate a new researcher joining us in the fall who will set up 
a zebra fish study.  I would appreciate any of your thoughts on 
aquatic systems, any preferences, history, etc. that are currently 
used to support these animals.  I have data and a contact at 
Pharmacal, and have also been told about Marine Biosciences? 
Any info would be greatly appreciated.   

I wish I had more info as far as how many fish we anticipate she 
will use. The info available at this time is that they will be 7-20 day 
old larval fish. Thanks in advance for your consideration.  

Bill Wade, LVT, LATG
Manager, Quality & Training
Northwestern University
(312) 503-7259

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