Ocean Journey Aquarium

Virginia Beckey VBeckey at oceanjourney.org
Tue May 2 15:08:18 EST 2000

Hi, My name is Ginny Beckey and I am the lab manager at 
Colorado's Ocean Journey, the new aquarium in downtown Denver.  
We are collaborating with the Eleanore Roosevelt Institute, where 
we will grow and breed the zebrafish for their experiments.  They 
are interested in using the zebrafish for studying developmental 
expression patterns of genes that are homologous to those on 
human chromosome 21.   

In determining exactly how to set up the aquaria, I do have a few 
questions. First, how long until the hatched fish are sexually 
mature? I understand that you prefer to ship only eggs or embryos. 
 Second, what is typically the number of eggs laid each time?  I 
need to determine how many breeding pairs to aim for to provide 
Katheleen Gardiner at Eleanore Roosevelt with the required number 
of embryos.  

Thank you for your time.

Ginny Beckey
Laboratory Manager
Colorado's Ocean Journey
700 Water Street
Denver, CO 80211
ph: 303-561-4453
e-mail: vbeckey at oceanjourney.org 

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