questions on raising fish

Maelle Cargou=EBt maelle.cargouet at
Tue Nov 7 13:32:01 EST 2000

I'm Ph D student and I'm working on the effects of endocrine 
modulators present in river waters on zebrafish (production of 
vitellogenin). I'm going to expose the eggs to this water under flow-
through conditions until the fish are 3 month old. Between 0 et 30 
days, I would like to put 100 fertilised eggs in a 4L vessel. Then, I 
would like to put 50 juvenile fish to a 10L vessel until 3 months. Do 
you think this conditions are satisfactory in term of population 

Thank you for your attention.

Ma=EBlle Cargou=EBt.
Universit=E9 Paris-Sud, UFR Pharmacie
Laboratoire Sant=E9 Publique-Environnement
5, Rue J.B. Cl=E9ment, 92296 Ch=E2tenay-Malabry
T=E9l. 01 46 83 58 55 , Fax : 01 46 83 57 32

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