Buffers and programs on http://www.molbiol.edu.ru/eng

Aleksey Soldatov soldatov at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Oct 26 12:16:08 EST 2000

A lot of useful resources on http://www.molbiol.edu.ru/eng

In "Protocols" section you will find a large list of recipes of salt 
solutions, laboratory buffers, media, antibiotics etc. 
In "Calculations" section there are a number of small programs, 
which will help in common laboratory calculations (weight - molar 
conversion for proteins and nucleic acids; [krpm] - [kg] conversion 
for centrifugation; estimation of time for bacteria growth; 
spectrophotometric measurement of nucleic acids concentration 
and so on). http://www.molbiol.edu.ru/eng/scripts 
BioMail is a program that simplifies and automates searching for 
biological and medical literature. BioMail will search PubMed, the 
largest publically available online database for biomedical journals, 
using your search terms. BioMail then e-mails you the results 
weekly, biweekly or monthly as you choose. 

The site is predominantly in Russian. Here we translated only the 
pages, for which we did not find English analogues.



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