Zebrafish Program at EB 2001!! Abstracts due November 6,=

Stephen J. Moorman sjm8 at cwru.edu
Mon Oct 30 11:19:06 EST 2000

I wanted to remind everyone that there are 4 zebrafish mini-
symposia and 1 zebrafish symposium scheduled for EB-2001 
sponsored by the American Association of Anatomists.  

The abstract deadline for the AAA Annual Meeting/EB 2000 is 
Monday, Nov. 6th.  All abstracts must be submitted online at: 

Under =B3Information About My Abstract,=B2 be sure to choose either 
AAA as the =B3Society to which you or your sponsor belong.=B2  Then 
select one of the Zebrafish topics:  

7011-AAA    Zebrafish:  Cell Signaling
7012-AAA    Zebrafish:  Developmental Neurobiology
7013-AAA    Zebrafish:  Early Development
7014-AAA    Zebrafish:  Sensory Systems

If your abstract doesn't fit in one of these categories, I would 
encourage you to submit anyway.  Select the category that is the 
'best' fit or select one at random.  We will sort all of the submitted 
abstracts into additional categories as needed.  

Here=B9s how to save money on AAA membership and EB 
registration: In the online AAA Membership Application 
(www.anatomy.org/anatomy/nmember.htm), under =B3Topical 
Interests & Research Areas,=B2 insert =B3Zebrafish=B2 at the end of the li=
under =B3Other.=B2  Submit by November 6, 2000, and you=B9ll be charged 
just $95 for your 2001 membership, including the journal of your 
choice.  Then register for EB 2001 at the member rate.  

Go to http://www.anatomy.org/anatomy/nstudaward.htm to apply 
--  AAA's Young Faculty Participation Award of $500 
--  AAA student awards, including the $250 Student Travel Award  

For these awards, you must submit your abstract FIRST, then 
follow the instructions on the award application. November 6, 2000  
Abstracts Due November 13, 2000    
AAA Award Applications Due February 5, 2001   
Advance Registration Deadline February 21, 2001    
Hotel Reservation Deadline The full AAA program is at 

Call AAA ASAP (301-571-8314) if you have any questions or need 
assistance in submitting your abstract.

Thanks!  And see you in Orlando.

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