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IA suspension of live Paramecia, prepared specifically for feeding 
Zebrafish larvae, is now commercially available  from "Paramecia 
Company". Our unique methodology of intensive Paramecium 
culture and purification technique have the following advantages: 

1. Our Paramecia are grown on live feed consisting of a defined 
mixture of several kinds of yeast in the presence of herbal extract 
that stabilizes the salt composition and pH. Short-time incubation 
in disposable containers precludes any infection of fish. 

2. The original equipment for Paramecia separation from the culture 
media absolutely excludes cell damage. Following a two=ADstep 
purification harvested Paramecia is placed in the T=FCbingen E3 
medium for Zebrafish embryos. 

3. Concentration of purified Paramecia cells is adjusted to 3000+/-
500 cells/ml, or according to our customers' preferences. 

4. Freshly prepared Paramecia suspension will be delivered at 
specified days in desired amounts starting with 250 ml at a cost of 
$ 5/50mls plus cost of delivery. 

5. Our product has been successfully tested and used in the 
Whitehead Institute, Cambridge. 

References: Yevgenya Grinblat, Ph.D. (grinblat at 
Benjamin Pratt   (617) 258-5200  (bpratt at  

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