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Good day, microinjecting folks!

Morpholino oligos from Gene Tools offer a specific, effective, stable 
and non-toxic alternative to thiophosphate antisense for embryo 
injection. Many zebrafish researchers have recently been ordering 
our Morpholinos and achieving excellent results, duplicating mutant 
phenotypes by using antisense.  Publications are coming soon in 
major journals from Zebrafish Morpholino work.  

We offer free a free targeting service.  Send us a GenBank 
accession number or a cDNA sequence and we will design a 
Morpholino oligo sequence for your order.  

Gene Tools website:

A report on Morpholinos used in Xenopus has been recently 

Janet Heasman, Matt Kofron, and Chris Wylie.  Beta-Catenin 
Signaling Activity Dissected in the Early Xenopus Embryo: A Novel 
Antisense Approach.  Developmental Biology 222: 124-134 (2000)  

For a recent review describing Morpholinos:

James Summerton.  Morpholino Antisense Oligomers: The Case 
for an RNase-H Independent Structural Type.  Biochimica et 
Biophysica Acta 1489: 141-158 (1999)  

You are welcome to email us requesting a list of references to
Morpholino publications.

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