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Frank Reckel st2049 at
Thu Sep 28 11:14:36 EST 2000

My name is Frank Reckel. I'm a German biologist dealing with the 
ecology of vision in fish. In your literature reference list you cite 
an article of Dutta/Malhotra (1991) Proc Natl Acad Sci India Sect B 
61(2) p. 163-168. Food and feeding habits..... . My problem is that I 
need this article as well. But I can't find it or even the Journal in any 
of the libraries' searching machines or contact the authors because 
they don't seem to have email. Would anyone be so kind and send 
me a copy of this article or give me the exact name of the Journal? 

You could help me very much. Thanks a lot Frank Reckel 
Zoologisches Institut der LMU Luisenstr. 14 D-80333  

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