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Mon Apr 2 11:07:04 EST 2001

Ph.D. Position Available (Closing 30 April 2001)
(Hubrecht Laboratory) .

A position for a Ph.D. student is available in the research group of 
Freek van Eeden, Ph.D., at the Hubrecht Laboratory in Utrecht, 
The Netherlands (  

The project is funded by the KNAW (Dutch Academy of Sciences)  

Proliferation is an important factor in the shaping of the vertebrate 
embryo. In the zebrafish, proliferation markers  become restricted 
to certain zones in the embryo early in development.  For instance, 
PCNA is expressed the ventricular zone and a ring around the lens 
at 48h. These regions may contain stem cells, and it would be 
interesting to find out how they are set up spatially and temporally. 
To approach this problem genetically, we would like to do a small 
scale screen using proliferation markers. Furthermore, we would 
like to create transgenic fish expressing GFP in actively 
proliferating cells, as a convenient marker system.  The succesful 
candidate will participate in both projects.  

The Institute is in the city of Utrecht (The Netherlands) 
approximately 40 kilometres from  Amsterdam  


Freek van Eeden
Hubrecht Laboratory/NIOB
Uppsalalaan 8
3584 CT Utrecht
Tel.: +31 30 2121800
Email: freek at

Applications, including a brief CV and the address and email of 2 
references should addressed to the above address  

Freek van Eeden
Hubrecht lab./NIOB
Uppsalalaan 8 3584CT Utrecht
The Netherlands
0031 30 2121800
Home: Karpersloot 10 3993 TP Houten
tel 0031 30 6375288
mobile +31 (0)6 18746563

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