"forced molt" of zebrafish?

Schech, Joseph (NICHD) schechj at dir6.nichd.nih.gov
Wed Apr 4 11:26:44 EST 2001

Any recommendations on environmental alterations (primarily 
photoperiod, temperature and feed or lack thereof) that could be 
used to get zebrafish back into their egg-laying cycle?  

I have a room of fish that have not produced eggs since there was 
rack construction in the room five weeks ago.  We have looked for 
other causes but water quality, light periods, feeding all seem to be 
fine and not changed any from before the problem started.  Other 
fish of the same lines are producing well in another room not 
affected by the construction.  

It has been suggested by more than one source that we try altering 
environmental parameters then bringing them back to current 
standards so as to induce a restart of the egg production and 
laying cycle similar to "forced molting" practices used in the 
chicken industry.  I would like to try this but want to see if any has 
method that has worked in a similar situation.  

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