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I prefer mesh about 1.4 to 2 mm opening.


> I am setting up some fish tanks for an introductory developmental
> biology lab course. I would like to set up several tanks to have
> embryos at different stages of development available each day for
> one week.  
> (1) Would it be better to use marbles or set up a divider with mesh for
> the egg collection?
> (2) What is a good source for bulk quantities of marbles? I looked
> at some online petstore sites and they tend to sell in small
> quantities only.  I am planning to set up half a dozen 10 gal. tanks. At
> 1/2 gallon of marbles per tank, I am going to need a lot of marbles. 
> (3) If mesh is better, what size mesh do you recommend? Are egg
> straining tubs that fit in 10 gal. tanks commercially available? or
> would some of the systems from Aquatic Habitats be better?
> Thanks for your help.
> Chris Schonbaum


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