Why such a high Temperature?????

Dallas Weaver, Ph.D. deweaver at gte.net
Mon Apr 16 10:09:49 EST 2001

In conversations with our customers, it seems that many 
researchers are running their systems at 28 C.  When asked why, 
the answer is usually along the lines that this is a standard 
temperature or in the "zebra fish book". This number does not 
appear have any solid scientific basis, it's just the way things 

As a commercial producer of zebrafish, I would never consider 
operating this species at 28C.  I reproduce zebra danios anywhere 
between 21 and 26 C and grow at the same temperatures.  Above 
27 C the problems with larval rearing increase and the 
bacterial/fungal issues can be more significant. At 28 C, the 
evaporation rate is very high and the room can be very humid and 
uncomfortable. Even if you don't care about the staff comfort, think 
about what that high humidity does to your electronics.  

Perhaps it is time for the zebra community to reset the 
temperature standard to a temperature that is both better for the 
animals and the human researchers along with the associated 
instrumentation.  I would suggest 24 to 25 C as a desirable 
temperature.  You will find that everything works better in that 
temperature range.  With good food and excellent water quality, 
you will find that the growth is just as fast as you get at 28C. 

>From what I have seen, I get better growth rates at 22-24C than 
many laboratories do at 28C (better feeds and water quality).  



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