Postdoc and Ph.D. Positions

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Wed Apr 25 17:16:57 EST 2001

Postdoc and Ph.D. Positions

(Technical University, Munich, Germany) Ph.D. student and post-
doctoral positions are available in the Zebrafish Neurogenetics 
group of the Technical University, Munich, Germany, to study 
embryonic brain patterning and neurogenesis in vertebrates. We 
primarily focus on the development of the ze brafish mid-hindbrain 
territory. Projects will include the search and functional analysis of 
new genes expressed within the presumptive mid-hindbrain, and 
the establishment of new mid-hindbrain mutant lines. We routinely 
use non-genetic techniquessuch as DNA/RNA injections into 
zebrafish embryos, lineage tracing and transplantations, as well as 
genetic approaches including transgenesis, mutagenesis and 
molecular mapping. Knowledge in molecular and/or developmental 
biology will be appreciated but is not mandatory. The group is 
located at the GSF-Research Center in Munich / Neuherberg, 
which possesses a new and highly performant zebrafish facility as 
well as core facilities for high throughput molecular techniques. 

Applicants should send CV, brief summary of research interests, 
and the names of two references to:        

Dr. Laure Bally-Cuif
GSF-Research Center
Institute of Mammalian Genetics
Ingolst=E4dter Landstrasse 1
D.85764 Neuherberg, Germany
web site:        
email: bally at

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