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Caroline Brennan C.H.Brennan at qmw.ac.uk
Wed Aug 29 10:24:13 EST 2001

A three year BBSRC funded postdoctoral position available.

In vivo analysis of calcium transients during vertebrate development.

Applicants with an interest in cell-cell signalling and the co-
ordinated control of development are sought to study the role of 
calcium in mesoderm innervation and development. Techniques to 
be used include bio-luminescence imaging in live zebrafish 
embryos, gene expression analysis and the study of zebrafish 
genetic mutant lines.  

Contact Dr C Brennan at qmul.ac.uk   for further information.

The School of Biological Sciences is situated on the Mile End 
campus in London and is currently being refurbished with a =A32.4 
million equipment grant.  

The successful candidate will have or will shortly expect to gain a 
PhD in a relevant area.  The position is for three years, with a 
starting salary of =A321,610, inclusive of London Allowance.  Please 
send your CV and the names of two referees by 1st  Dec 2001 to: 
Dr C. Brennan, School of Biological Sciences, Queen Mary, 
University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK.  

Specific Objectives of the Research. 
1) To generate GFP-aequorin calcium reporter transgenic zebrafish 
lines. 2) To investigate the patterns of calcium transients during 
development in these reporter zebrafish and relate these to 
morphogenetic events at both the tissue and cellular level. 3) To 
examine calcium transients in zebrafish genetic mutants. 4) To 
manipulate calcium transients to determine the roles of specific 
signals during the development and innervation of the mesoderm.  

Research experience in one or more of the following areas is 
desirable: - Molecular biology. - Developmental biology - 
Fluorescence imaging techniques  

Dr Caroline Brennan
School of Biological Sciences
Queen Mary College, University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS

e-mail C.H.Brennan at qmw.ac.uk

tel: 020 7882 3011 (office)
     020 7882 5555 ext 4107 (lab)
 Mobile 07946 035 389

FAX: (from UK) 020 8983 0973
 (from abroad) +44 20 8983 0973


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