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Increasing temperature usually increases the spawning behavior of 
zebra's while a decreasing temperature shuts them down.  With a 
total TDS of only 60 mg/l, the water may be a little too pure.  Most 
of my systems run at about 600 ppm TDS to as high as 2000 
PPM, before spawning decreases.  

60 ppm of instant ocean would be very light on Ca and alkalinity. 
Freshly made water can be low in O2 and out of CO2 equilibrium --

You may do better with tap water through activated carbon (for
chlorine removal) or get a recycle system.


> I am attempting to breed zebrafish....unsussessfully so far. My fish
> are held at 28C, fed 3 times per day a diet of liver paste/brine
> shrimp/dry food. Males and females are separated for at least a week
> prior to mating.
> I do not have any filtration system in my tanks and I therefore have
> to change approx. 1/3 of the water every day. I prepare the "new"
> water (dH2O + 60 mg/L instant ocean) a day ahead and heat it, but
> the change of water generally causes a 2C drop of temperature. I
> expect this drop is sufficient to inhibit spawning.
> Would anyone have any suggestions ?
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