problems with zebrafish embryos

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The most common problem is overfeeding with poor water quality a 
close second (often caused by overfeeding).  Check the ammonia 
levels.  Live feed is preferable.  


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> I am an undergraduate at Bard College.  We recently recieved a
> shipment of 100 ABC wild type zebrafish embryos from the
> Zebrafish Resource Center. We were unable to keep them alive in our
> lab despite efforts to follow directions in the ZF book.
> Embryos were recieved on Friday Nov 16 and all of them had died 6
> days later on Thursday Nov 22. They were kept at 27 degrees C. One
> third of their water was changed daily. They were fed liquifry. Only
> aged tap water (ph 7.6) was used to house them.
> Does anyone know any common mistakes made when people first
> try to keep embryos?  If you see any glaring problems with what we
> did it would be a great help for you to point them out. Thanks so
> much!  
> Sincerely,  
> Triona Hart
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> elephone: (845) 752-4198
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