Dying Larvae

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If they are normal size for 2 weeks, they are too large for liquifry.  Try
live artemia napulii.  They can usually eat newly hatched artemia about 4 to
5 days post hatch and will eat artemia all the way to adult.  This is about
a 500 micron live feed.


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> We are a group of post graduate students at Galway University.
> We are currently trying to grow new zebrafish stocks and are
> having difficulties. The Larvae always seem to die around the 2
> week stage. We are changing the egg water every day and feeding
> them "Liquifry". The water is also being gently aerated. The larvae
> appear healthy up to this point, swimming about etc. and then all
> die within two days. If anyone has any suggestions please help.
> Your help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks 
> Ed


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