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> Hello!  I've been breeding zebrafish using marbles, but 
> recently someone suggested to me that there are systems with 
> mesh screens that would be easier than using marbles.  Does 
> anyone know if or where such a thing is available?  Or do I 
> just go out and buy some sort of mesh from the hardware store 
> and stick it at the bottom of the tank for the eggs to fall 
> through?  If so, what type and size mesh do I use?  Thanks in 
> advance.  

I've been making quick and easy mesh screens with this stuff I 
picked up at our local WalMart, in their craft section. They have 
sheets of plastic mesh that are used in some kind of stitchery -- 
the #7 mesh is exactly the right size, with holes that eggs 
easily fall through.  I just cut it and bend it into a box shape, 
held together with hot glue (it's'll have a Martha 
Stewart moment in the lab), with a few fishing sinkers imbedded 
in the glue to make sure it sinks.

The brand I've got is:

Uniek, Inc. 
Waunakee, WI
(800) 248-6435
=B3Quick-Count=B2 7 Mesh Plastic Canvas, #57301 (this is the clear 
plastic kind. You can also get it in different colors)

It was dirt cheap, too -- a couple of dollars for a package with 
a half-dozen sheets.

PZ Myers

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