pregnant danio rerio

Jim Jar jjardin at
Sat Jan 6 20:44:22 EST 2001

sorry to say it sounds as though your, egg laying, daino has dropsy. Here is
a good web site to help you with your questions regarding your fish. I hope
I am wrong but it sounds like classic dropsy.JIM

"David and Kathy Stensaas" <davidkathy at> wrote in message
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> Hello there:
> I have a question relating to a very pregnant zebra.  She looks like
> she is going to explode.  Her belly is very lumpy and almost
> pointed in one spot.  I have been doing some reading on the web
> site where your contact information is and have found out that they
> are an egg laying species?  We were told by the store where we
> purchased the fish that they are live bearers.  Is there such a thing.
> I have separated her in a breeder container.  Is that the right thing
> to do??  I thought it would be a good learning experience for my
> children to see baby fish, hopefully before the other fish ate them.  I
> need advice as to what to do next.
> Thank you in advance for your input.
> Kathy


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