Postdoctoral Position

Steven A. Farber sfarber at
Thu Jan 25 17:21:35 EST 2001

Postdoctoral Position 
Lipid Processing and Signaling During Zebrafish Development 

A NIH funded ( 5 years) postdoctoral position is available to study  
the role of lipid metabolism and phospholipase signaling during  
zebrafish development using realtime optical biosensors. Projects  
are directed towards the identification of genetic pathways which  
regulate lipid metabolism in the context of organ development with  
potential importance in human colon cancer.  Mutagenesis screens 
 using fluorescent lipids exploit the unique advantages of the  
zebrafish for coupling genetic analyses to realtime imaging of  
enzymatic function.  Mutations revealed by these reagents, will  
lead to the identification of genes that regulate physiological and  
developmental processes that cannot be assayed using  
conventional screening strategies.  Examples include genes that  
regulate lipid and prostaglandin metabolism, intestinal and liver  
transport and development of the biliary tract.  Identification of  
these genes has important implications for cancer research and  
research related to diseases of the liver, intestine and  
cardiovascular system. This position will include phenotypic  
screens for lipid processing mutants, mapping candidate genes,  
positional cloning and gene isolation efforts.  Applicants should  
send CV and references to:  

Dr. Steven Farber  
Kimmel Cancer Center 
Thomas Jefferson University  
1020 Locust Street, JAH 484 
Philadelphia PA, 19107  
Fax (215) 5032472.  
Email:S_Farber at 

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