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Mon Jan 29 11:39:12 EST 2001

Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Positions


Research in the Human and Molecular Genetics Laboratory at 
Johns Hopkins Singapore is centered on gene discovery and 
functional genomics in the zebrafish (Danio rerio) animal model, 
using retroviral-mediated insertional mutagenesis and other state-of-
the-art technologies.  Focus will be on identification and functional 
characterization of novel genes involved in zebrafish development 
that have potential importance in human congenital malformations.  
Research space includes a thermally-controlled aquarium room 
with automatic photoperiod control, a micromanipulation and 
microinjection room, and a well-equipped molecular biology 
laboratory.  In addition, shared research facilities at Johns Hopkins 
Singapore include an automated fluorescent sequencer/genotyper, 
a fluorescence laser capture microdissection instrument, a 
fluorescence inverted compound microscope, an isotopic storage 
phosphor imager, microplate reader, scintillation counter, realtime 
PCR machine, tissue culture room, darkroom, and radioisotope 

Applications are being sought for an available postdoctoral position 
in the laboratory.  Applicants should have a PhD with experience in 
zebrafish or medaka developmental biology and related techniques. 
 Knowledge of genetics and genomics techniques would be an 
asset. Applications are also being sought from individuals 
interested in pursuing research in this field leading to a PhD degree 
conferred by the National University of Singapore.  Applicants 
should already have a Masters degree in a related field, but BSc 
graduates with a demonstrated enthusiasm and interest in 
zebrafish or medaka genomics are encouraged to apply.  

Applicants should forward a detailed curriculum vitae and the 
names and addresses (including phone number and email address) 
of 3 references via email, or by post to:  

Dr. Samuel S. Chong
Department of Pediatrics
National University of Singapore
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119074
paecs at

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