PhD Student position in Freiburg, Germany

Zoltan M. Varga varga at
Tue Jun 5 11:14:06 EST 2001

A PhD-student position is available in the group of Zoltan Varga 
PhD, Dept. of Developmental Biology, Freiburg University. The 
project is entitled "Hedgehog signaling in zebrafish hypothalamus 
and pituitary development."  The hypothalamic-pituitary system is 
the key regulator of the vertebrate hormone household.  To study 
early development of these tissues and the signaling molecules 
that specify their cell types we use a fate map of pituitary and 
hypothalamic precursors in the neural plate and smoothened 
mutant zebrafish that cannot mediate Hh signaling.  The project 
involves cloning and characterizing neurohypophysal genes in wild-
type and mutant embryos.  The salary (according to Bat) is 
provided for the next 3 years starting July 2001, by a newly 
established "Sonderforschungsbereich" in Freiburg, Germany.   

For more information, contact 

Zoltan Varga
University Freiburg
Institute Biology 1
Dept. Developmental Biology
Hauptstr. 1
D-79104 Freiburg, Germany

varga at
Tel.: ++49/761-203-2583

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