Zebrafish book and subscribing to the network

Jay Bottesch jbottesch at HBOI.edu
Wed Jun 6 15:59:56 EST 2001

Recently, I came across an advertisement for two bound books 
concerning zebrafish.  One I believe was on the zebrafish in 
general, while the other dealt it as a molecular tool.  Does anyone 
know of the name(s), author(s), formal title(s), or ISBN #(s)?  The 
book is not the one from Westerfield -- it was a different publisher, I 

Any help in this matter would be much appreciated.  

Thank you.

J. Bottesch

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
5600 US 1 N.
Ft. Pierce, FL  34946
(561) 465-2400 ext. 637

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