embryo technician wanted - zebrafish course at the MBL

ellen schmitt eschmitt at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 8 14:22:19 EST 2001

Would you enjoy spending two weeks in Woods Hole on Cape Cod 
this summer?

An energetic and enthusiastic person is needed between August 
10 =96 24th, 2001 for the summer course, =93The Genetics and Neural 
Development of Zebrafish=94 offered at the Marine Biological 
Laboratories in Woods Hole, MA.  The successful applicant will 
join other fish facility staff in breeding zebrafish to provide embryos 
for the course labs and demonstrations.  The applicant should have 
previous experience breeding zebrafish and collecting and staging 
embryos.  The duties for the two weeks will include:

*  Setting-up daily crosses of mutant and special lines
*  Collecting and staging embryos
*  Maintaining embryos and larvae

The position may also include, to a small extent, assisting with the 
general maintance of the fish stocks.  Full room and board at the 
Marine Biological Laboratories will be provided for the duration of 
the course (e.g., Aug. 9-25), plus, a stipend of $800 US dollars.  
Also, the successful applicant may attend any of the course 
lectures, labs and demonstrations of their interest as their duties 

Interested applicants should contact Ellen Schmitt, Course 
Coordinator either by: email
{ HYPERLINK "mailto:eschmitt at fas.harvard.edu" }eschmitt at fas.harvard.edu
or phone
(617) 923-8235

Ellen A. Schmitt, Ph.D.
Harvard University
16 Divinity Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02472

Phone: (617) 923-8235
Fax:      (617) 496-8193

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